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Now Hiring: Acupuncturist + TCM Herbalist

Location: Brooklyn, NY

We want to add an additional member to our Lanshin TCM practitioner team. We are looking for a down-to-earth, passionate and disciplined L.Ac. with 3-5 years of experience under your belt. Must have herbal experience as well. Bonus if you already practice, or are interested in treating TCM dermatology conditions and TCM cosmetic treatments. You, our ideal candidate, wants to be a part of Lanshin’s expansion and fulfill our mission to be the most trusted source for high quality, effective TCM care.

The TCM Practitioner at Lanshin will :

- Effectively treat and resolve patient cases using your knowledge and experience gained through treatment experience as well as training.
- Be open to learning, guidance and coaching to expand your TCM skill set and ability to create meaningful, positive patient relationships.
- Be capable of TCM patient care basics like:
- Be adept and comfortable with patient interviews, understanding important questions to ask in order to accurately diagnose conditions
- Excel at interpreting symptoms and creating a TCM treatment plan and protocol.
- Evaluate efficacy of treatment and monitor patient progress, adjusting treatment plans as necessary to optimize results.
- Have experience with gua sha, cupping, moxibustion
- Understand how to use TCM with patients already undergoing a western medical treatment plan
- Motivate patients to comply with treatment (taking herbs, etc)
- Be able to provide homecare exercises and lifestyle modifications to support in-clinic treatment
- Maintain accurate and detailed patient records, including treatment plans, progress notes.
- You have experience prescribing custom formulas with raw herbs, granules and have a handle on when and how to use patent remedies.

Additional Skills:

- Good communication skills - you are great with helping patients understand Educate the principles of their treatment; including lifestyle modifications, dietary recommendations, and stress management techniques
- Being organized is important to you. You naturally keep your workspace clean and tidy not only for yourself and your patients, but other team members as well.
- You are open to non-traditional tasks - i.e., providing short online herbal consultations and Lanshin customer support questions/issues.
- You are a team player through and through. Bonus if you’ve been/are active in team sports or activities.
- Have curiosity about advancements in TCM research and techniques, stay on top of continuing education.
- You uphold the absolute highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and patient care. And, you are open to ways you can raise your own bar even higher as part of working with our team.
- Working weekends is a possibility for you.


- Master's degree or higher in Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine from an accredited institution.
- Current state license or certification to practice acupuncture.
- Demonstrated proficiency in acupuncture techniques and TCM modalities, with a minimum of 3-5 years of clinical experience preferred.
- Must practice herbs, TCM Dermatology training a plus.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to establish rapport with patients and collaborate effectively with interdisciplinary healthcare teams.
- Empathy, compassion, and a genuine commitment to helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness.
- Attention to detail and strong organizational skills, with the ability to manage time effectively and prioritize competing demands in a fast-paced clinical environment.
- Dedication to maintaining professional competence through ongoing education and training in acupuncture and TCM.
- Knowledge of relevant legal and regulatory requirements governing the practice of acupuncture and healthcare documentation.

Please explicitly follow the below instructions to apply. Your ability to fulfill on these requests will be considered:
- Email your resume as a PDF or shared Google Document only to
- Include a brief description of what you are looking for.
- In your email give us 5 words that you would use to describe yourself.
- Then, give us 5 words that you think your family and friends would use to describe you.
- Include links to your active social media.

We look forward to meeting you!
xo, Team Lanshin