TCM Heat Release for Chin, Neck and Jawls Playback


Relive class with this playback from 2/22.

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Getting rid of “double chins” is one of our most requested tutorials. While Gua Sha can’t make fat or  loose skin disappear, a lot of heavy chins are actually from tech neck posture causing forever tension and pulling in your fascia.

They key to restoring a sleeker chin and jawline is to restore the healthy flow of Qi and Blood through your neck. Join us as we employ the power of infrared heat from the Lanshin Hot Massager by ACERA to melt fascial tension in the neck, chin and “jawls” for total relief. A sleeker jaw is simply the bonus cherry on top 🍒. You can also use a hot Gua Sha tool (place in hot water to warm it). This follow-along can help with:
  • Neck & jaw tension
  • Headaches, congestion, cold
  • Jaw + lower face sculpting
  • Poor sleep + anxiety
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*Playback available for 120 days

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