Gua Sha 3.0: Under-Eye Rescue Playback


Dark circles, puffiness, and lines under the eyes can signal weak circulation and possible stagnation affecting your eyes. While these are often aided by possible internal deficiencies in sleep, nutrition or emotional exhaustion a regular Gua Sha and TCM routine can help prevent you from looking as tired as you may feel.

🤩 Relive this class from March! Playback will be available for 120 days after class.

👉 Students receive 20% off items in the Under-Eye Products Collection for class (see confirmation email for code after registration).

Join me in this next Gua Sha 3.0 Follow-Along when I’ll introduce some new ideas and techniques for working with the under-eyes. Because our work area will include eyes + nose, cheeks, and neck - this class may also help sinus and headache issues.

I’ll be using:

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