GUA SHA 3.0: Nasolabes + Allergy Relief Playback


Annoyed with increasingly loose and sagging nasolabial folds, aka “marionette lines?” While these are beautiful in those with a natural face structure that creates this shape, for others it can be a sign of increasing stagnation and loss of strong cheek structure.

Purchase the Playback from the March 24th Live.

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Can we use Gua Sha and Acupressure techniques to a) release the stagnation, b) restore the strong healthy flow of circulation so that you c) love your face again and d) fall in love with Gua Sha and TCM.

Yes! Yes we can! Not only that, this follow-along can help free you of nasal congestion, headaches and swollen eyes from allergies! We will essentially be working with the same points that we use in Acupuncture practice to treat seasonal allergies and colds.

NEW CLASS FORMAT for this class. We will be testing a new and hopefully improved format for our follow-alongs. Upon registration, you have access to the step-by-step enhanced demo so that you can start to use the routine. You also have access to a recording of the live Zoom & Q&A.

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