GUA SHA 3.0 : BETTER THAN BOTOX™ Brow and Forehead Bo Jin + Gua Sha


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With growing evidence that long term Botox™ use can cause facial muscle atrophy (shrinkage) and possibly bone loss (more research needed, but initial studies suggest this possibility) - good face Gua Sha technique becomes an even more important well-aging option.

Face Gua Sha bears none of the same risks as neurotoxin (Botox). On the contrary, it offers all-natural upsides: increased skin and tissue health, better blood flow and decreased tension in overactive areas (brow, jaw, forehead, jowl, etc).

Join us as I run through a Bo Jin + face Gua Sha routine that unwinds the underlying causes of forehead and brow lines, and brings visible plump into the skin to counteract the appearance of lines. I will run through how I use targeted products that really help this facial zone, (including a new product I’m obsessed with that has really taken our clinic results up a level).

We will be uploading a Step-By-Step Enhanced Demo about a week before class for you to work with and prepare for the live, so stay tuned for updates on that!

We will be using:
Lanshin Pro Gua Sha tool (on one side)
(Lanshin Intro Gua Sha tool owners will be able to follow along for this)
Lanshin Sculpting Spoon
Marie Veronique Balancing HypoTonic
Shea Terra Egyptian Black Seed Oil
Adipeau Active Face Cream

How To Use