TCM FACELIFT with Gua Sha + Bo Jin Playback


2024 Prediction: Bo Jin will go viral as the next facial Gua Sha. Come learn what it is before social media tells you it’s another lymphatic drainage technique.

Relive the live from April 7th. Playback will be available for 120 days after the live.

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Bo Jin is a TCM beauty technique that is like a hybrid of Gua Sha, Massage and Acupressure. It directly stimulates your acupoints and energy channels to break through sluggishness and stagnation slowing down the “traffic” of your qi and blood circulation. Though not as widely used for healing pain and illness, Bo Jin is very similar to Gua Sha in its goals and results.

Join me for the ultimate at-home TCM facelift session as I use Bo Jin with Gua Sha to create a healthier, lifted face in 60 minutes!

I’ll be using:

NEW CLASS FORMAT! Upon registering, you will have access to the step-by-step enhanced demo so that you can start to use the routine. You will also have access to the Live Demo & Q&A if you prefer! 

Session Plan: 50min of Technique & Q&A.

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