Beautiful skin and extraordinary health through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sandra lanshin chiu,

Founder. Acupuncturist. Herbalist.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

TCM gave me my life back years ago when I lost my way. Now, I help people tap into TCM power to find beauty, strength and resilience. Welcome to Lanshin! I'm so glad you found us!

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At Lanshin, we revere your Original Face. This ancient concept reminds us beauty isn't just about the shape of your face features. It is the way your spirit animates you, the vibrance of your Qi (energy), the quality of your ancestral essence, your unique gift and talents. Welcome home to your Original Face!

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Neck Health, the Key to Beauty


One thing I’ve learned through my years of clinical practice is how important your neck is to your health and beauty. Keeping the neck supple, mobile, and free of pain and tension should be a daily practice.

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