TCM Mother

Mothers are essential in Chinese medicine. Every organ has a mother. When you are ill, we diagnose what organ is off. And a common treatment strategy is to boost the mother of that organ. For instance, if you have a chronic cough your lung organ might be weak. To get you better, we support your lung’s mother, the spleen.

Check out this chart that shows what organ might be weak in your body, and how you can nourish its mother.

This is a simplification of a complex diagnostic system, but the central concept is clear: when the child is weak, we support the mother. Is this not an important metaphor for our time? Whether your literal mother, or that of your internal organs - we support moms!


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  • My acupuncturist told me about Gua sha and have Tried to follow a healthy path. This chart is most interesting and thank you for sharing.


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