Facial Gua Sha: The Basics

Facial Gua Sha: The Basics

We're very excited to finally present our first tutorial featuring Facial Gua Sha! With the fast rise in popularity of Facial Gua Sha and so much love for the jade board as well as the jade roller, we thought you might like to learn about this technique from professionals who understand the depth of its background and use. 

No doubt, we love Facial Gua Sha - and it is one of our many tools of Chinese medicine that we use to rejuvenate and restore skin naturally. Often referred to as a natural alternative to botox - it certainly stands in the ring with many conventional beauty treatments popular today. But, unlike these treatments it not only improves the appearance of your face and skin -  it amplifies your health so that you feel like how you look: amazing.  

This tutorial is designed for you to follow along as you learn this basic version of this technique. We condensed our 2-hour hands on class that we teach here at our studio in Brooklyn, which gives so much detailed instruction to help our students get the most results out of this practice. But for our dear people who live too far and away to learn directly from us, this video is our answer to you.

We anticipate there will be questions and a desire for more info. So stay tuned as we plan to offer live QA sessions on our Instagram to help you navigate this simple, yet also nuanced technique. In the meantime, make sure you follow if you want us to keep you posted. 

Enjoy and feel free to write comments or questions below!


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