How to Have a Better Body

How to Have a Better Body

1. GET GOOD AT SLEEPING AND RESTING MORE. Doing nothing or being unproductive can be wonderful. Life isn't just about getting things done. Let us not forget we are here to enjoy the experiences and moments of our day to day. It's hard though, to enjoy life when you are not well rested. We all know what happens to kids who don't get their naps.

2. MAKE SURE YOUR DIGESTION WORKS. Regular gas, bloating, frequent constipation/diarrhea, acid reflux are not normal. If you have these things get help. Your skin, energy, and immune system will thank you...and so will your friends and lovers. Natural methods like herbal therapy and acupuncture are very effective at resolving these issues without negative side effects.

3. MOVE. Your body is designed and built to move, not sit for hours at a desk.  Being stationary for long periods does not make a happy body. Dance, swim, walk, stretch, whatever gives you pleasure and gets you moving. But be careful not to overdo and overstrain if you're the ambitious type. Never move through pain - which is a sign something is off.

4. MAKE TIME FOR PLEASURE - A VERY IMPORTANT VITAMIN. It lifts the spirits, which elevates the vitality of the body. Define some things that would delight and please you and make sure you do more of those things in your days and weeks.

5. KNOW YOURSELF AND LIKE YOURSELF A LITTLE MORE EACH DAY. Not only is this an attractive quality to others, it's foundational to a healthy body, mind and spirit - the whole package. Judgement and criticism - whether to self or others -  totally disrupt the healthy functioning of your body.

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  • Hello! I finally took the time to explore the Blogs…thankyouthankyouthankyou! The information is wonderful and I will incorporate as much as possible into my everyday life. Love it all💜

    Stephanie M Bashore

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