What is the MOST Powerful Medicine in the World?

What is the MOST Powerful Medicine in the World?


As Valentine's Day approaches, let's talk about a miraculously powerful, built-in healing feature within you: your Heart.

In Western culture, the heart is mostly associated with romantic love. Think about all the songs on your playlist about falling head over heels, and the heart break that comes with it. Being "smart" is considered better than following your intuition, aka your Heart. As a result, we trust our minds over our hearts.

But, in TCM the Heart is Supreme. It is regarded as King, or Queen (technically, Emperor/Empress because it's Chinese). In fact the Heart rules over the mind in Chinese medicine. When we treat psycho-emotional disorders, we treat the Heart system, not the brain chemistry. 

The Heart is the central ruler of your body, with all other vital organs working to support its crucial function. Living in a state of Heart energy can be miraculously healing, alleviating stubborn ailments in cases where every kind of treatment have failed. 

So how do we live more in the frequency of the Heart? How do we know when we are in it? The easiest example is the feeling of being in love, which brings a sense of exhilaration and increased energy. When we are deeply in love, physical aches and pains may even subside. Have you experienced this? Of course, the flip side is the devastation of heart break, which can be equally as powerful in causing sickness.

But romantic love is just one type. Love takes many forms including romantic love, familial love, self-love, love of nature, love for humanity, and love for a particular activity or passion. Each type of love positively activates our Heart.

In addition to love frequencies, other states also strengthen our Heart energy - like cultivating inner peace, activating your imagination, engaging in a sense of awe or rapture, leaning into your intuitive sparks, engaging in your creativity.

As Valentines Day approaches, think of it as more than a day for chocolates and flowers. Use it as a reminder to go big into your Heart energy by doing more of the following to nourish the needs of your built-in miracle maker:

  1. Create more daily inner peace through meditation, self-care practices like facial Gua Sha or scalp stimulation, journaling, digital detox

  2. Indulge your senses with Nature - make time to go outside and literally take in a sunset, gaze deep into a blooming flower, delight in the magic of a growing garden.

  3. Share with someone in your life something you appreciate about them, for no reason.

  4. Take 5 minutes a day to dance to music that enraptures you

  5. Intentionally day dream to activate your imagination - write down what you vision.

  6. Write down any intuitive flashes or thoughts that come through your day.

  7. Do something, anything you love daily. This can be as simple as enjoying a quiet cup of tea, or kissing someone or something you love.

The more you do these things, the more you will activate the power of your heart's energy. Share with us the positive changes you experience!

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