Scalp Stimulator - Jade


Hand-crafted in top grade Xiu Yan Jade, this low-tech, high-touch tool is uniquely designed to stimulate multiple acupressure points on the scalp simultaneously to promote increased blood and qi (energy) flow to the scalp, both of which are necessary for healthy scalp and hair in Chinese medicine practice.

The Lanshin Scalp Stimulator features: 

  • Thick, Rounded Teeth to stimulate acupressure points with comfort
  • Wide set teeth that energize your scalp without pulling or tugging hair. 
  • Top Grade Xiuyan Jade handcrafted for durability and quality. 

Measurements. L 3.5” x W 2.25” 

Lanshin tools will not be accepted for return or exchange. Please carefully consider this prior to purchasing.

How To Use

Please see our tutorial page for a step-by-step video on how to use your Lanshin Scalp Stimulator, or refer to your product insert included with tool.

For at-home use, wash your Lanshin tool with hot, soapy water. Towel dry, then return your tool to your Lanshin pouch. You can also use rubbing alcohol or an essential oil spray for added cleansing.

Please note, your tool may become slippery when wet, and could break if dropped in the sink or on a hard surface. We recommend holding your tool low in your sink basin, or placing a hand towel in the basin to cushion the tool in case dropped during cleaning.


Handcrafted from authentic, top grade Xiuyan Jade.

Lanshin tools are handcrafted from authentic, natural stones that may feature inconsistencies or slight flaws. There may be variation in color, pattern, veining, shine, texture, size, and shape. These are signs that our products are not chemically treated or mass produced. They are not defects and will not affect the function, use, or safety of the tool.