Tech Neck No More — Playback


Relive class with the recording of our Wednesday, June 21st live!

In this class we’ll show you how to use Gua Sha and TCM techniques to reverse the forward hunch of a tech neck. We’ll also create a treatment plan that includes daily habits, posture changes and exercises important for taking the stress and strain out of your neck for good.

Whether it’s jowl sagging, jaw tension, dark circles, puffy eyes, there is one area of the body that I ALWAYS treat: THE NECK.

The state of your neck decides whether healthy fresh blood flows freely to support your face, or if your poor face gets nothing thanks to the chokehold of overly tight neck muscles.

Tech neck is literally the worst. Not only does it accelerate aging, it creates tendencies for headaches, TMJ pain, allergies, sinus congestion, hair loss.

Class will cover:

  1. An anti-tech-neck Gua Sha and TCM massage protocol
  2. Neck exercises that help reverse tech neck
  3. Posture corrections for sitting, standing and working on laptop and phones
  4. A weekly treatment plan for getting rid of tech neck for good

You’ll need:

  1. A Gua Sha tool and/or Lanshin Massager by Acera
  2. A body oil or butter, facial mist and oil

How To Use