Gua Sha 3.0: Neck + Jaw Snatch Playback


Playback available from the 7/2 Class.

In this class we’ll show you how to use Gua Sha and TCM techniques to reverse the forward hunch of a tech neck. We’ll also create a treatment plan that includes daily habits, posture changes and exercises important for taking the stress and strain out of your neck for good.

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Upon Registering, you get immediate access to the Step-By-Step Enhanced Demo, so you can take some time to test drive and use the demo. You also get access to the recording of the live follow along and Q&A.

Do you have "Jech-Neck?" This class is for you if you struggle with losing definition in your jawline, have chronic tech-neck tension, jowling, "double chin," TMJ discomfort, chronic headaches or general sagging anywhere on your face. 

For all of those issues there is one area of the body that I ALWAYS treat: THE NECK. 

An overly tense neck, chronic poor neck posture (ahem, are you reading this bent over your phone rn?) can cause much of the facial aging that we think is due to "gravity" but is actually a stressed neck. Over time, this can create a loss of definition between your neck and jaw - aka "jeck" or "double chin."

Join me in this follow-along designed to release your neck, snatch your jaw and recover healthy blood flow for plump, healthier skin!

  1. A Gua Sha tool 
  2. A body oil or butter, facial mist and oil

How To Use