Does Eye Gua Sha Cause Wrinkles?

Facial Gua Sha for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Last week we shared an Easy 6 Minute Eyes tutorial for gentle Gua Sha around your eyes 👁👁 So many of you wrote to us concerned. Won’t Gua Sha tug on the skin and cause wrinkles? Aren’t you supposed to avoid stretching the delicate and thinner skin around eyes?


The quick answer is no, not if you do it correctly. See, every part of your body loves circulation, blood flow, energy movement - including your eyes. Yet, many are taught to barely touch the skin around the eyes for fear of disturbing their delicate existence.


But the eyes need blood flow too. When they don’t get enough circulation they can easily become puffy or form dark circles. So how do you generate better circulation to your eyes without fear of causing wrinkles or compromising elasticity?


H E R E   A R E   3   I M P O R T A N T   R U L E S   I   F O L L O W   W H E N   
D O I N G   G E N T L E   G U A   S H A   F O R   E Y E S :


1. Proper prep. I always start by applying a hydrating mist or toner. While the skin is still damp I immediately apply 1-2 drops of facial oil to my ring finger, and gently massage into the under eye and upper lid. This preps your skin with a perfect level of glide and slip so your tool glides effortlessly without much friction or tugging.


You can also use an eye cream, but you might need to apply a touch of oil in addition if your cream does not seem to create a good glide.


2. Anchoring. Use one hand as an anchor for the skin. I suggest you watch our video to best understand this concept. You will see that I always “anchor” when I do facial Gua Sha around the eyes. This technique creates an oppositional force to each GS stroke that helps your skin receive a gentle stimulation that can improve circulation and blood flow, and prevents tugging or folding the skin as you do it.
BTW, we are building a special library of videos for you, our special subscribers, where I go deeper into these concepts than I do on IG or TikTok. So if you have friends or family who would love this information, make sure you encourage them to subscribe!


3. Easy does it. Use extra light pressure when working with the eye area. I like to say it should feel similar to smoothly icing a cake, or softly spreading butter on toast. Indeed, the skin around our eyes is more delicate than the rest of the face, so using extra soft pressure is key, and still effective.


I hope this information is helpful and that you feel less scared about working with GS around your eyes! Do let me know if you have questions, just slide it in to the comment section on any of our channels (IG, TikTok, YouTube) and we’ll answer it there.


Get circulating! 




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