Easy 6 Minute Lip Tutorial with Facial Gua Sha

Easy 6 Minute Lip Tutorial with Facial Gua Sha

Let's start by acknowledging that lips don't have to be plump, or look plump to be lovable. In Chinese medicine cosmetic dermatology, we aren't about forcing your lips to be something they're not as much as we're about enhancing the life force you already have within.

And yes, you can bring more life force (or, Qi) to your lips (and anywhere else in your body) with TCM techniques like facial Gua Sha. At home, you can use our Easy 6 Minute Lip Prep to encourage more blood flow, Qi and fluids to show up for your lips and mouth area.

We like to say that you can fill your lips with filler, or you can fill them with life force. In TCM practice, we prefer the latter. But if like to work with cosmetic filler our work can help sustain and extend the life of your medical procedures.

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  • Great tutorial for the lips and for the eyes!
    I like that this routine is short and that the tutorial is easy to follow and relaxing to watch.


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