Ortho-Bionomy: Posture

Ortho-Bionomy: Posture


Modern life really impacts our ability to maintain good healthy posture. A healthy structure (meaning our bones, joints and skeletal alignment) is crucial if you are to have a strong body that functions healthfully.

Join our own in-house Ortho-Bionomist and posture specialist Teruko Tooley as she gives us the 101 on how Ortho-Bionomy® informs good posture. She will cover important questions like:

  • What does good posture even mean?

  • How is posture disrupted by daily movement and or habitual positions?

  • What can you do to have better posture and awareness?

  • What are the benefits of good posture?

  • Consequences of bad posture?

Most importantly we will demonstrate how to have better postural awareness and help you build this into your daily life, especially while sitting at work. Teruko will show you Ortho-Bionomy® exercises and releases that re-educate your body to more automatically maintain correct posture. We'll also cover how the revolving of modern life around gadgetry i.e. Smartphones, tablets, computers impacts posture and what you can do as antidote.

You will leave with newfound body awareness plus a handy checklist of concepts we'll cover...and of course better posture

Cost $40

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