Refinery29: Facial Gua Sha

Refinery29: Facial Gua Sha

It's time for anti-aging techniques like Gua Sha to shine. So we are super grateful that Refinery29 and beauty writer Katie Becker caught on to this surprisingly effective technique - and told everyone about it. I say surprising, because unlike botox, fillers and laser treatments Facial Gua Sha is simple and low tech. But its power is in the way it improves the health, texture, and condition of your skin by working with it, not by forcing skin into submission according to our impatient dictates. 

While Facial Gua Sha began as an anti-aging method, we have found that it is effective for just about any skin issue - even acne. Congested skin is stagnated - meaning circulation of fluid and blood are sluggish, causing the skin to be more susceptible to swelling and inflammation. While deeper internal disruptions (i.e. gut health, menstrual cycle, etc.) that contribute to acne and breakouts may still need to be addressed, the use of facial gua sha techniques can greatly reduce the size, severity and length of time pimples exist.

But don't just take it from us, listen to what Ms. Becker has to say.

At the studio Facial Gua Sha is all over the menu. For those interested in a total body approach to anti-aging and skin health we feature our FACIAL GUA SHA REJUVENATION treatment which combines acupuncture to get qi and circulation flowing throughout the system, followed by almost a full hour of Facial Gua Sha massage to your neck, face and head.

We also offer Facial Gua Sha in our JADE GUA SHA FACIAL, where your skin is reset with cleansing, exfoliation, extractions AND abbreviated facial gua sha to improve skin texture and infuse product deeper into your skin.

And last but not least we offer classes to clients and anyone interested in learning a short, basic 10-min Facial Gua Sha regimen to be done at home as part of your skin and self-care routine. 

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