Shape Matters

Shape Matters

One of the most common questions we get is - what’s with the different shapes of Gua Sha tools? Does the shape matter? 

Yes. To get results from Gua Sha, good tool contact is essential. It should fit the contours of your face and body to effectively stimulate the tissue, improve blood flow and break down adhesions (aka stagnation in TCM). 

Imagine running a flat credit card across your cheekbones, eyes or around the lips. Its basic shape would miss the contours of your bones and tiny facial muscles. But, build some curves and face-fitting shapes into it and you have a much more versatile tool. 


When I began practicing facial Gua Sha, I tried at least a hundred different Gua Sha tools. And with an obsessive personality about results, none of the tools on their own were enough for me. So I designed my own, combining various shapes into more efficient and effective tools. 

Most of the other Gua Sha tools on the market are stock tools, meaning anyone can order them in mass quantities from Alibaba (China’s “Amazon”) and custom inscribe their brand. That’s why there are so many brands that sell the same shaped tool. I wanted our tools for Lanshin to be more special. 

Here's a primer on our Lanshin Gua Sha tools and who they fit:



This was the result of a thought experiment: what would the ideal collection of shapes housed in one tool look like? Because it has so many shapes and features in one tool that fit large and small spaces of the face and body, it’s often referred to as the Swiss Army knife of Gua Sha tools. In addition to its multiple profiles and curves, the Pro also has two special edges that provide texture for extra stimulation. Like grooves on a foam roller, the Comb Edge and Sculpting Lip add on extra layers of power.

For: If you love Gua Sha and want professional results



While this tool is a lot simpler than the Pro, it is no less intentional. The Sculpting V at the top edge can do everything from a cervical spine release by sandwiching your spine inside the two notches, to an under-eye refresh using feather light strokes with one tip of the V. Although there is less to process, this straightforward tool gets the job done. Comes in rose quartz, xiu yan jade, nephrite jade and surgical stainless steel.

For: Beginners or if you just don’t like a lot of instruction 



This is not a primary instrument like the Lanshin Pro or Intro. It’s more a booster tool for those who want a little more. If you have the Intro but don’t want to upgrade to the Pro—the Sculpting Spoon gives you more gears. With its rounded soft tips designed for acupressure, it also stimulates the tiny little muscles around the eyes, mouth, and nose. The small, pen tip is great for detail work in those hard-to-reach grooves. Comes in nephrite jade, xiu yan jade and rose quartz.

For: If eyes and lips are your biggest areas of concern



With its many “teeth,” this tool is shaped for stimulating multiple acupressure points at the same time. While designed for the scalp, it can also be used anywhere from the feet to the face. For us, it was also important that this instrument be inclusive of all hair types. The wide spaces in between the teeth give the Scalp Stimulator enough height for clearance for everyone, from thinner straight hair, or thicker coils or locs.

For: If you want to improve your scalp health for stronger hair

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