TCM Lessons From A Chair Shampoo

TCM Lessons From A Chair Shampoo
In Taiwan, ways to increase your health are imbedded into many aspects of daily life—even a trip to the salon. When you get a cut or blow out, it comes with epic levels of scalp, neck, and shoulder massage. Why? Because they know the secret to strong beautiful hair is a healthy scalp with lots of healthy blood flow.

Taiwan is famous for its 
Chair Shampoo where a hair wash comes with relaxing yet firm massage to your scalp, neck, and shoulders that can go on for 60 minutes to 2 hours. This is how important increasing circulation and overall relaxation is to achieving strong healthy hair. I’ve been in Taipei for a week and am already on my third Chair Shampoo!

While I can’t bring the 
Chair Shampoo back to you, I am bringing back an important message: If you want those pretty tresses, you have to do something to increase your scalp stimulation.

If a trip to Taiwan isn’t in your near future (although I highly recommend it), you can still promote hair growth and reduce scalp tension with our best-selling Scalp Stimulating Duo that combines the powerful dual wisdoms of TCM and Ayurveda for $84.15 with free domestic shipping ($99.00 value).

  1. Apply Shaz & Kiks Scalp + Hair Prewash to dry scalp.
  2. Use your Lanshin Scalp Stimulator to massage, acupressure and stimulate important energy channels on your scalp, neck and hands.
  3. Apply shampoo and water to scalp to create a foamy lather and continue massaging your scalp with your finger pads.
  4. Rinse and condition hair shafts. Repeat rinse.
  5. Blow dry hair and notice how relaxed you feel!
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