Our Necks Deserve Better

Our Necks Deserve Better


$75 • Wednesday, April 26th • 7pm - 8:30pm ET     

You'll never guess one of the top reasons behind our most requested class for “double chins.”

It’s the neck! Poor neck posture from bending over the phone or computer all day causes excess muscle tension and rigidity, which can lead to heaviness in your chin, jaw or neck.

Gua Sha can free blockages in your tech neck, resulting in better health and also a more beautiful chin and jawline.

However, some “double chins” are due to excess adipose (fat) tissue or loose skin. While Gua Sha cannot remove fat or skin, it can improve neck health - the secret to facial beauty. 

To learn more, join me for Chin Up! Our next Gua Sha class where I’ll share my easy at-home protocol for chin, jaw and necklines.


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